GATE Program

Bryant Ranch is extremely proud of our wonderfully gifted and talented students. Our fourth and fifth grade GATE students are clustered in small groups within the regular classroom, where they receive a rich, in-depth education using differentiated instruction techniques. A differentiated curriculum incorporates a balance among basic skills, enrichment, and acceleration. The joy of learning is a primary ingredient in our program. Students are encouraged to become creators and producers of concepts rather than consumers of information. Through the use of Depth and Complexity, Content Imperative, and Scholarly Traits, each student is challenged to use critical thinking skills, interact with peers at a high intellectual level, and develop social and emotional skills as they receive the content standards for each grade level.

We strive to promote creative, analytical thinkers in our GATE students with a variety of enriching activities. Your child might encounter GATE Academies targeting areas of academics, artist endeavors, technological designs, and community outreach all in an effort to promote diverse, well rounded students. Other avenues of learning are project based, allowing a child to research a topic in depth and then share their learning with others. A few of our favorite project based designs are Think Like a Disciplinarian, Coffee House Poetry Night, Desktop Teaching, Mathematical Team Challenges, and Mystery Science. Our GATE students feel challenged to think in a different manner, work as a team, and have an incredibly fun time. That's true learning!

For more detailed information particular to Bryant Ranch, please view our GATE HANDBOOK.

For more general information regarding the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District's GATE program, please view the PYLUSD GATE website.

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