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Staff List

The Bryant Ranch staff is dedicated to life-long learning and provides a solid academic foundation for students based on the California State Standards. Professionalism is a priority at Bryant Ranch. 


First Name Last Name Room Department Email
Shannon Robles Principal Office [email protected]
Tweety Guy Secretary Office [email protected]
Marissa Grover Clerk (Morning) Office [email protected]
Tara Allen Clerk (Afternoon) Office [email protected]

TEACHERS 2021-2022
First Name Last Name Grade Level E-mail
Patty Chong
[email protected]
Hollis Cruse 5th [email protected]
Gunilla Davidson 1st [email protected]
Lisa Faist K [email protected]
Jori Henry 4th/5th [email protected]
Jana Jones 1st [email protected]
Kristi Langsdale K [email protected]
Elana Leiken K [email protected]
Karen Lewis 1st [email protected]
Jill McClain 4th [email protected]
Dena Mora TK [email protected]
Nicole Muraoka 2nd [email protected]
Sara Partida 2nd/3rd [email protected]
Tammie Platt TK [email protected]
Becky Smith 5th [email protected]
Allison Spinney Academic Support Teacher [email protected]
Andrea Taylor 3rd [email protected]
Elise Vermillion 4th [email protected]
Melanie Yoshimura 3rd
First Name Last Name Department Email
Greg Vander Kooy Psychologist [email protected]
Caroline Johnson Education Specialist [email protected]
Vivian Pederson Speech/Language Specialist
Marissa  Tan ELD Teacher
Mark Burwell PE Teacher (T/Th)
Jason Grenon PE Teacher (Fridays) [email protected]
Ray Llewellyn Music Teacher (Instrumental-Band) [email protected]
Evin Stamp Music Teacher (Instrumental-Strings) [email protected]
Carey Mottershead Music Teacher (Vocal)


First Name Last Name Department E-mail
Patty Gomez Computer Instructional Specialist
Jesus Ramos Plant Coordinator [email protected]
Pam Kibby Library Media Tech [email protected]
Dione Urdiano Food Services [email protected]
Nikki Lasley Health Office  [email protected]
Roxanna Mancilla Counselor (M/W/F) [email protected]
    Night Custodian  


First Name Last Name Department E-mail
Gabbie Sanchez Child Care Lead [email protected]