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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Information

Every year the school's Leadership Team reviews and updates an extensive 5-year Technology Use Plan that sets a vision for technological competence to support "students' academic progress, communication and future learning." The plan includes sections which address current conditions and desired outcomes for: classrooms, computer lab, infrastructure, library, staff development, software, curriculum, personnel, administrative offices, Multiuse Room, broadcast studio, communication, and other equipment. The library, computer lab, classrooms, and administrative offices, are completely networked. Software is purchased in network format and stored on a centralized server.

There is also a K-5 technology curriculum that includes a performance assessment for students at each grade level. Students participate in 15 to 20 lessons that are based on the National Technology and Content Standards. For example, in 4th grade students have lessons on word processing, search engines, tables, graphs, charts, and PowerPoint. The final performance assessment consists of a California travel poster in PowerPoint. AlphaSmarts (portable word processors) provide opportunities for home use of technology and technology lessons and services are available to both regular and Special Education students.

Over 60 parents volunteer in the lab on a weekly basis, and are annually trained to assist children. Every class has 1 to 4 parent volunteers, and 1 to 2 certificated teachers to help during their weekly visits to the lab. Technology leaders at Bryant Ranch have designed teacher workshops in the use of computers and other technologies through our own school's Teachers and Technology Program (T'n'T).

Our first rate lab is enjoyed by every student from Kindergarten through fifth grade. I am constantly impressed with how quickly students learn and produce technological masterpieces. Come see for yourselves - our children swell with pride at showing you their accomplishments.

Dominique A. Polchow, Principal