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Bryant Ranch is proud to offer a library collection which contains more than 10,000 books. While reference books are not available for check-out, library staff can readily make photocopies as needed for classroom assignments. Students visit the library with their class on a weekly basis and during regularly scheduled AR periods throughout the week. Classes in grades 2-5 use the Accelerated Reader (AR) program. Use the Navigation Bar Library drop down to access additional information regarding this program

Library books are due to the library one week from the day they were borrowed. Students who forget their library books on their classroom library day are encouraged to explore other books during their library time. Students are not allowed to borrow new materials until outstanding books are returned or paid for. Chapter books and books for long-term class assignments may be renewed up to 3 times.

Extra care should be taken so that no book is lost or damaged. Lost or damaged materials will result in a "replacement cost" fee being charged. Please be aware that replacement costs include shipping, handling, inflation and processing fees which can result in replacement fees much higher than the face-value of the lost or damaged book.

Each year the library welcomes parent volunteers who donate 30 minutes or more each week to facilitate a valuable library experience for all students. Our wonderful volunteers re-shelve books, teach students to use the computer catalog system, and help students locate and select books on the shelves.

Our school's library collection is available for your perusal via the PYLUSD OPAC link. Click on the Library tab for a drop down offering that link. We apologize that the library is currently not equipped to handle materials placed on hold.



The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a vocabulary and comprehension-based reading development program designed to help students choose books that better meet their personal reading abilities. The Reading Practice Quiz, taken upon completion of each reading selection, promotes reading for comprehension. Once a student has finished reading, they take a short 5 or 10 question quiz that tests retention of the information presented in the book. We believe, and studies show, that this program is a valuable tool to build students’ reading confidence while reading selections tailored to their individual needs and interests. Because Bryant Ranch has purchased the Accelerated Reader Enterprise program, students have access to over 140,000 AR quizzes.


Click here to visit the Parent’s Guide to AR FAQs.


Click here to visit the Parents Guide to AR Bookfinder FAQs.


Click here to conduct a search of all available books with AR quizzes.



The PYLUSD Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) enables you to pull up all PYLUSD elementary school libraries. Since you are only able to check out books from our school, you can filter for just the Bryant Ranch library catalog. To filter, go to Simple Search, Search Options, Limit/View Search Results, Select Location, Bryant Ranch.


Click here to visit the PYLUSD OPAC website.