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President Alison Kenney PTAPresident
Executive Vice President   PTAEVP
1st VP - Ways & Means   PTAFundraising
2nd VP - Programs   PTAPrograms
3rd VP - Volunteers Stacey Carlos PTAVolunteers
Treasurer Kristin Kierulff PTATreasurer
Recording Secretary Kathy Foster PTARecordingSecy
Financial Secretary Heidi Barnes PTAFinancialSecy
Auditor Kevin Hennings PTAAuditor
Historian Shannon Barker PTAHistorian
Parliamentarian Denise Behle PTAParliamentarian

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Art Program        
Book Fair       PTABookfair
Box Tops/Labels       PTABoxtops_labels
Brag Cards Lynsey Ellsworth     PTABragCards
Computer Lab       PTAComputerLab
Disaster Preparation       PTADisasterPrep
Family Nights/Parent Education       PTAFamilyNights
5th grade End of Year Coordinator       PTA5thgradeendofyear
Grocery Cards/Target       PTAgrocerycards_target
Holiday Gift Shop       PTAHolidayGiftShop
Hospitality/Staff Appreciation       PTAHospitality
Jog-A-Thon       PTAJogAThon
Library       PTALibrary
Marquee       PTAMarquee
Membership Heidi Barnes     PTAMembership
Newsletter Editor       PTANewsletter
Parent Ed       PTAFamilyNights
Play Coordinator       PTAPlayCoordinator
Ranchero Day       PTARancheroDay
Read Naturally Stacey Carlos     PTAReadNaturally
Red Ribbon Week       PTARedRibbonWeek
Room Parent Coordinator
School Pictures Summer Stys

 Donna Feldman

Silent Auction Administrator       PTASilentAuction
Silent Auction Baskets        
Spelling Bee       PTASpellingBee
Spirit Wear Telli Chave     PTASpiritwear
Tuesday Envelopes Amanda Darnell     PTATuesdayEnvelopes
Yearbook Summer Stys  Donna Feldman   PTAYearbook
Principal Dominique A. Polchow     dpolchow@pylusd.org

School Secretary

Judy Gyssler     jgyssler@pylusd.org


5th Grade End of Year Coordinator Assemblies
Book Fair Box Tops and Labels Computer Lab
Disaster Preparation Family Nights Grocery Cards
Hospitality Jog-A-Thon Library
Marquee Masterpiece Makers Math-to-Achieve
Membership Newsletter Parent Education
Photocopy Team Play Coordinator PTA Online
Ranchero Day Read Naturally Red Ribbon Week
Reflections Room Parent Coordinator School Directory
School Pictures Silent Auction Spelling Bee
Spirit Wear Tile Wall Sale Tuesday Envelope
Volunteers Yearbook